Whatever you can conceive, Carrio Cabling can Sketch, Design, Prototype, Tool, Manufacture, Test, and Ship. Every Carrio product is made in the United States, creating jobs by providing American cable molding, design, and manufacturing.

Carrio Cabling

1. Sketch

Every cable begins with an idea – a solution to a problem. Carrio Cabling will take your cable from sketch to delivery.

Carrio Cabling

2. Design

Carrio Cabling’s in-house engineering design team looks at your idea in its present form, which could be anything from a sketch on a lunch napkin to a full schematic.

Carrio Cabling

3. Prototype

We take it to the next step with Carrio’s stereolithography (SLA) or low-force SLA equipment and make a rapid prototype of the cable molding.

Carrio Cabling

4. Tool

Carrio Cabling has tool and die equipment for injection mold tooling on site. We tool the cable molding in house, which shortens lead times and means you get your final product faster.

Carrio Cabling

5. Manufacture

After we have the right design and prototype, it is time to manufacture to your specifications, following Carrio Cabling’s disciplined practices for excellence in cable assembly manufacturing.

Carrio Cabling

6. Test

We test and we test. Did we mention we test? Product integrity is the foundation of Carrio Cabling.

Carrio Cabling

7. Ship

Carrio’s commitment is to always timely ship your products so they are delivered when you need them.

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