Carrio Cabling Corporation: 100% USA Engineering and Manufacturing

See our photo gallery for a few examples of Carrio Cabling’s wide range of custom oil field cable assemblies.

Heat, sand, rain, or snow – whatever elements the oil field environment can throw at your teams – Carrio Cabling designs, manufactures, and delivers rugged, specialized oil field assemblies to meet the need. Our custom wire harnesses, molded components, and downhole cable assemblies are designed and built for the unique situations you encounter to reduce downtime and maximize critical ROI. Our focus is ensuring that every oil field cable assembly we build delivers consistent signal integrity, superior performance, and durable reliability for all applications in this demanding and often harsh, remote, and hazardous industry. Our custom oil field cable assemblies are built to withstand tough environmental stresses across various oil field operations, such as extreme temperatures, high pressures, and other challenging geological conditions.

See Carrio Cabling’s design-to-manufacture process to learn more about how we differ from the rest.

Carrio Cabling: Give Us the Tough Stuff™

What Makes Carrio Cabling Different?

  • Experienced leaders in the field for more than three decades
  • Solution-driven ideas
  • CAD and SOLIDWORKS design
  • In-house engineering and problem solving
  • Creative design on shape, fit, and functionality
  • Molded-in text or logo for easy identification, branding, and maintenance
  • In-house rapid prototyping and over-molding
  • Competitively priced, high-quality products
Our Certifications:

  • Registered U.S. Government Contractor
  • Certified Commercial and Government Entity – Cage 1JVJ0
  • UL, IPC, and ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our Promises To You:

  • From Start to Finish 🡪 100% USA Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Timely shipment of your products so they are delivered when you need them
  • No extra charge to expedite orders
  • Excellent customer service at every stage of our start-to-finish process

Like all Carrio Cabling products, our custom oil field assemblies are designed and manufactured in the United States at our Colorado Springs, Colorado facility. In fact, Carrio Cabling has been 100% USA engineered and built since we were founded in 1988. Many companies go overseas to try to capitalize on “half price,” but all too often the pursuit of “half price” leads to “half quality” or worse. It is common for products purchased overseas to be built with unknown material substitutions or modifications, which can lead to substantive quality problems impacting your ability to deliver. You never have to worry about that when you purchase from Carrio Cabling. Companies that stand by their integrity and good name turn to Carrio Cabling for their most critical custom oil field cable assembly and connector needs.

The Carrio Cabling Team prides itself on creating American-made superior-quality oil field services cable assemblies and interconnect solutions that you can count on. By keeping all of our processes in the United States at our Colorado manufacturing site, we are able to continue to rapidly innovate while controlling the quality of our processes and the materials used in every product. At Carrio Cabling, we will never purchase products overseas and re-sell them to you. We stand firmly behind our American-made products.

See our photo gallery for a small sample of the types of custom oil field services assemblies and interconnect solutions we can engineer, prototype, and manufacture for you. To learn more or to talk with us about your specific need, call us at 1.800.251.4391 or submit a request for quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can quote from your print, assist with your design to ensure efficient and effective manufacturing, or lead the complete design-through-manufacturing process. Also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Photo Gallery: Oil Field Cable Assemblies

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