Carrio Cabling: 100% USA Critical Supplier to Global Medical Device Manufacturers

Carrio Cabling’s custom medical cable assemblies and connectors provide absolute reliability under the most critical and stressful hospital and emergency situations.

Carrio Cabling has been 100% U.S. engineered and built since we were founded in 1988. We believe that the best products in the world are built in the United States. Many  companies go overseas to try to capitalize on “half price,” but all too often the quest for “half price” leads to “half quality.” Companies that stand by their integrity and good name turn to Carrio Cabling for their most critical custom medical cable assembly and custom medical connector needs.

We pride ourselves on consistent signal integrity and performance as a custom medical cable assembly manufacturer. The first assembly is built and tested with the same level of quality control and integrity as the 1,000th. When it comes to patient well-being, health, and comfort, we don’t settle for less.

See photo gallery for a small sample of the types of custom medical cable assemblies and connectors Carrio can build for you.

Carrio Cabling designs and manufactures custom molded and non-molded cable assemblies, connectors, and coiled cables for virtually any medical application, including:

  • Pulse oximetry, temperature monitoring, and other patient care & monitoring needs
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)
  • Ambulance cots
  • Surgical applications
  • Pain management

Custom medical cable assemblies, designed to meet your unique specifications and environmental conditions, are Carrio Cabling’s expertise. Bring us any design, any need, and as a trusted custom medical cable assembly manufacturer, we will create an individualized solution that we hope exceeds your expectations.

Like all of our products, Carrio Cabling’s custom medical cable assemblies, custom medical connectors, and custom medical coiled cable assemblies are available with no minimum order and quick turn-around times for custom products. Order 10. Order 1,000. Order 10,000.

Give us a call at 1.800.251.4391 or submit a request on our quotes page. We hope you will be impressed with our quality, personalized service, and on-time delivery.

Scroll through the photo gallery for a small sample of the types of solutions Carrio Cabling can build for you.

Photo Gallery: Medical Cable Assemblies

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