Carrio Cabling: 100% USA Manufacturing  CAGE: 1JVJ0

Carrio Cabling’s dependable, rugged, superior custom defense and military wire cable assemblies, exclusively made in the United States, make Carrio one of the most reputable brands in the industry. We are committed to consistently delivering competitively priced, high-quality products to our customers. Using the latest technologies and delivering expertly crafted products at fair prices, time and time again, makes Carrio Cabling a leading cable assembly manufacturer to critical U.S. infrastructure sectors.

Over the past 32 years, our goal is – and always will be – continuous improvement. We repeatedly try and test materials and techniques to bring you the best, most user-friendly, functional, and dependable military, aerospace, and RF coax cable assemblies possible. A core focus of our extensive experience and on-site, USA capabilities is providing military cable assembly and electronics solutions designed to provide 100% reliability in unique, extreme, demanding, or environmentally harsh scenarios. Carrio Cabling’s experience delivering custom military cable assemblies and interconnect solutions includes a wide range of highly durable, dependable, rugged, custom military cable assemblies, connectors, coil cords, and power cords with high signal integrity for virtually any military, aerospace, or defense application.

Carrio Cabling: Give Us the Tough Stuff™

What Makes Carrio Cabling Different?

• Experienced, reputable leaders in the field for more than three decades
• Affordable, high-quality products
• In-house engineering and problem solving
• CAD and SOLIDWORKS designs
• In-house tooling and rapid prototyping
• Creative design on shape, fit, and functionality
• Solution-driven ideas
• U.S. designed and built

Our Certifications:

• Registered US Government Contractor
• Certified Commercial and Government Entity – Cage Code 1JVJ0
• UL, IPC, and ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our Promises To You:

• Carrio Cabling is committed to ship on time
• We do not charge to expedite orders
• Our standard is to provide excellent customer service at every stage of our start-to-finish disciplined process

Our Specialized Process

If you can think it, we can create it. From sketch and design to prototype and manufacture, you can trust Carrio Cabling to deliver your product as promised, within budget. Our process encompasses the following start-to-finish steps: 

  1. Sketch: Every custom assembly, connector, coiled cable, or other interconnect begins with an idea. A solution to a problem. Carrio Cabling can sketch exactly what you have in mind. 
  2. Design: Our engineering team can develop a detailed technical design based on your specifications – whether detailed or rough – or reverse engineer from one of your existing products.
  3. Prototype: On-site rapid prototyping, including stereolithography (SLA) and low-force SLA printing capacities, can create a prototype for you to test fit and function before design and specifications are finalized, ensuring that you get the right product into the field more quickly.
  4. Tool: Mold tooling is designed and built in-house by expert, highly seasoned toolmakers. This core Carrio Cabling vertical integration strength, combined with hands-on, on-site quality controls, shortens lead times and ensures consistent high quality.
  5. Manufacture: Carrio Cabling’s cellular, disciplined manufacturing processes are designed to deliver product that consistently meets your precise specifications. 
  6. Test: All products are 100% tested. Product integrity is the foundation of the Carrio Cabling brand.
  7. Ship: Our commitment is to ship 100% on time so that you receive your products when you need them.

The Benefits of Choosing a USA Manufacturer

Like all Carrio Cabling products, our custom military interconnects are designed and manufactured in the United States at our Colorado Springs, Colorado facility. Nowadays it is all too common for products to be built overseas, which despite promises to the contrary, frequently leads to unknown material substitutions or unannounced modifications. 

The Carrio Cabling Team prides itself on creating American-made quality products that you can count on. By keeping all of our processes in the United States at our Colorado manufacturing site, we are able to continue to innovate while controlling the quality of our processes and the materials used in every product. At Carrio Cabling, we will never purchase products overseas and re-sell them to you. We stand firmly behind our American-made products.

Carrio Cabling Corporation’s Management System is certified to 9001:2015, the latest version of ISO’s internationally recognized standards for quality management systems.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Carrio Cabling Corporation is a registered US Government Contractor and certified Commercial and Government Entity. CAGE: 1JVJ0.

See our photo gallery for a small sample of the types of custom military cable assembly and interconnect solutions we can engineer, prototype, and manufacture for you. To learn more or to talk with us about your specific need, call us at 1.800.251.4391 or submit a request for quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Photo Gallery: Military Cable Assemblies

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