Carrio Cabling Power Cords


3-prong, U.S. designed and built, UL approved

Male power plug: Nema 5-15 180 exit
Female power plug: C-13 180 exit
Female power plug: C-13 90 exit left or C-13 90 exit right

Spec Sheet

Carrio Cabling can build your custom power cords with any one of a vast number of ends, including:
* C-13
* C-19
* Ferrels
* Ring lugs
* Spade lugs
* Strip
* Strip and tin
* Outer jacket strip
* Blunt
* Molex connector
* Tyco connector
* Connector of unknown origin
* Male terminal
* Female terminal
* Mate and lock
* Twist and lock
* Female 3 prong
* Any combination of the above
* Nothing

Like all Carrio Cabling products, our custom power cords are built one at a time in the USA at our Colorado Springs, Colorado facility.

Carrio’s custom power cords typically ship within 1 to 3 days from receipt of a purchase order.

Carrio Cabling: Give Us the Tough Stuff™

Photo Gallery: Custom Power Cords

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