A Simple Man Living in a Complex World

By Glen J. Carrio

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A Simple Man Living in a Complex World, by Glen Carrio, president, CEO, and founder of Carrio Cabling Corporation, is part autobiography, part commentary on being an entrepreneur in today’s business world. It’s about success and failure, opportunity, and creating and maintaining a winning company.

Carrio Cabling’s principles of LEAN, cellular, world-class manufacturing processes have been the core of the company since Day 1 – 31+ years ago. In A Simple Man Living in a Complex World, you’ll learn how Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, Star Trek, Jonny Quest, racing innovator Jim Hall, a book retrieved from a dumpster, and Inventor Wally Jones inspired Carrio – and can inspire you – to use your skills and know-how, and even the apparent obstacles in your path, to innovate and create.



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