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A Simple Man Living in a Complex World


Life & Business: Campfire Stories from the Asylum

By Glen J. Carrio

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A Simple Man Living in a Complex World, by Glen Carrio, president & CEO of Carrio Cabling, is part autobiography, part commentary on being an entrepreneur in today's business world. It's a book about success and failure, opportunity, and creating and maintaining a winning company.

Carrio Cabling has been designed around the principles of "lean," "cellular" manufacturing and "world-class" processes since Day 1 of the company, 26+ years ago. In A Simple Man Living in a Complex World, you'll learn how Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, Star Trek, Jonny Quest, racing innovator Jim Hall, a book retrieved from a dumpster, and Inventor Wally Jones inspired Carrio - and can inspire you - to use your skills and know-how, and even the apparent obstacles in your path, to innovate and create.


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