A Simple Man Living in a Complex World

 In Just In Time
Over the 30 plus years since I started Carrio Cabling, I’ve seen just about every trend, every dynamic, every economic situation, etc. But the last several years—the highlights of which have been the fascination with “half price” and all things China Made—have been more challenging and troublesome than anything in the past. Couple that with eroding business ethics and…well, a simple man like me has a few things to say.

The result is my first book, A Simple Man Living in a Complex World: Life and Business—Campfire Stories from the Asylum.

What’s it about?

  • How businesses and consumers are mesmerized by mass production
  • Why cellular manufacturing works
  • Why it takes so darn long to get your “customized, just-the-way-you-want-it” sub at your local sandwich shop (or any product, for that matter)
  • The quest for the holy grail of near-zero pricing
  • How what seems like a crummy teenage job can change your life
  • The hidden lessons of Star Trek and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
  • The simple principles for running your business and your life so they are a success

A Simple Man Living in a Complex World is available on Amazon or you can order it directly from us. I hope the book inspires you and makes you think; at a minimum, perhaps it will give you a few laughs. As I was writing, I was inspired to draw some illustrations. They look like something I scratched out in Mr. Doezema’s 6th-grade class at Redlands Christian School in California, but I included them anyway since most days I still feel like that kid.

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