5 Industries That Require Custom Order Cable Assemblies

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Cable assemblies are groups of cables arranged into a single unit. Although the composition of these cable assemblies may differ based on their intended purpose and application, their structure is typically the same: a length of cable material terminated at one or both ends with some type of connector.

Cable assemblies are essential components in many complex electrical systems used in many sectors of society. They are manufactured with optimum efficiency and reliability in mind, which helps to achieve their intended purpose while making them easier to use, repair and maintain.

The general purpose is to facilitate the transmission of power, signals, and information while keeping the cables protected from outside elements. But in many cases, custom order cable assemblies are required to meet their intended application’s design and performance requirements. 

The following are some of the most common industries that use custom order cable assemblies:


The telecommunications industry is a vital sector that enables communication and connectivity between individuals on a global scale. This industry comprises a vast network of communications infrastructures, including mobile carriers, telephone companies, fiber optic networks and data centers, among many others. 

Since the telecommunications industry forms the backbone of modern communication, it also requires efficient and reliable materials and equipment to ensure the optimal performance of all equipment within this complex infrastructure. This is where custom cables come in.

From long fiber optic assemblies to coaxial cables to power cables, custom order cable assemblies provide the ability to address precise configuration and connectivity requirements in various networks. This ensures each component’s compatibility and optimal performance within the overall network.


The medical industry uses various medical equipment that aids healthcare providers and medical experts in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. Incorporating advanced electronics enables these institutions to collect and provide accurate information, assist healthcare professionals and provide the best possible care to patients in order to create positive outcomes.

The complex, yet delicate nature of the medical industry demands the use of robust components that help meet the specific requirements of this equipment while adhering to strict medical standards. Custom cables are designed with specific considerations in mind and help manufacturers meet these unique requirements.

Custom cable and medical device manufacturers work hand-in-hand with healthcare providers to better understand their unique needs and requirements, including the equipment’s electrical characteristics, flexibility and patient comfort levels.

Military and Defense

The military industry uses a wide range of devices and equipment to support its operations, from various communication systems to surveillance systems to power distribution and control. Through this equipment, our foremost military personnel are able to carry out their primary responsibility, which is to provide security for the general public.

To ensure that these equipment withstand harsh environments, the military and defense industry has stringent requirements for their production, which extends to their cabling. To meet these rigorous requirements, custom order cable assemblies are developed to account for these specialized requirements, helping achieve mission success.


Aerospace and aviation require robust, reliable systems that enable efficient performance even in the harshest conditions. Aviators, astronauts and aerospace engineers alike need access to equipment that adhere to the most stringent of requirements in order to meet the demanding conditions in harsh environments.

As missions require them to move further out of the Earth’s atmosphere, the conditions they are exposed to will also expand. This means the need for more robust systems will also increase to ensure their safety, efficiency and reliability.

From hard wiring that runs through the cockpit to onboard communication equipment to the computers at base camp, the quality of cabling impacts their overall performance. As such, the aerospace and aviation industry turn to custom cable assemblies to meet their specifications.

Industrial Controls

Custom cabling plays a crucial role in industrial control systems. As systems are used for monitoring, automating and controlling various industrial processes, industrial facilities need robust, reliable solutions so systems remain operational, preventing costly downtimes. 

Within these systems, custom cabling enables industrial facilities to meet the high-level demands of their operations that off-the-shelf products cannot meet. This is because of the precise configurations and bespoke equipment they use to fulfill their production goals. For this reason, manufacturers rely on custom cable assembly manufacturers for solutions that satisfy their operational needs.

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